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A cold-cast resin head sculpture, mounted on slate.

  • Sonja Smeyers (BE 1966 – )
  • Total Height: 400 mm
  • Sculpture Height: 360 mm | Depth: 110 mm | Width: 150 mm
  • Base Height: 40 mm | Depth: 60 mm | Width: 230 mm
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A Contemporary South African Artist (BE 1966 – )

Sonja Smeyers was born in Belgium and inherited her love for art and eye for detail from her father. For over 20 years, she lived in Africa where she discovered the pleasure of modelling and sculpting with clay. She attended the Hagelandse Art Academy in Aarschot, Belgium; although she is largely self-taught, and graduated in 2015. Sonja’s love for Africa brought her back to the continent, where she truly gets her inspiration to perform and create artwork.

Advanced knowledge of the human anatomy and skin texture is a key factor in Sonja’s sculpting designs. Her sensual sculptures of pure and innocent girls, with intense beauty, come to life in artisanal cast bronze. Floating with wings of handmade glass and bronze, they refer to heaven and earth.

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