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Ndlulamithi (Taller than the Trees)


A beautiful sculpture of Ndlulamithi (taller than the trees).

Artist’s cost @ R20 000,00 + 10% commission + VAT on 10%.

 Ndlulamithi was first identified in 1980 along the Nkokodzi River in northern Kruger National Park. He was an aggressive yet secretive elephant, and was seldom seen. This bull received some fame for charging Dr Anthony Hall-Martin and his assistant while they were trying to photograph him on foot, his intentions unmistakable. He died of natural causes in 1985 in the Shangoni area at an estimated 58 years of age. Paul Zway section ranger of Shangoni at the time found his remains not far from the Nkokodzi Spruit.

A Contemporary South African Artist (SA 1966 – )

Francois Coertze was born on 22 July 1966 in Wolmaransstad, South Africa. He is an actor and director, known for Lipstiek Dipstiek (1994), Desert Diners (2000) and Lyklollery (2001). Francois is also a self-taught artist who learned pottery from his mother and welding from his father. He is greatly influenced by renowned sculptor Phil Minnaar, who taught him basic techniques.

To him, a sculpture, just like a photograph or painting, is an action in motion, a moment captured in time, a figure trying to break free. His works, ranging from realistic to the abstract contemporary, form part of various private collections both in South Africa and abroad. Francois has taken part in many group as well as solo exhibitions since 2009.

He was commissioned to do an interactive work for permanent display at Loftus Park, Pretoria.

“The Preservator” – a rhinoceros warrior branding a sword, trying to fight off its pending extinction through poaching. The sculpture spent a few months in the Klapperkop Nature Reserve, and was then acquired by a private collector.

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