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Paul Gray

Paul Gray was born in 1962 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). He spent four years in his late teens at the Bulawayo Technical College, where his knowledge and skills as a sheet metal worker developed.

In the eighties, fleeing from political upheaval in his country of birth, Paul moved to South Africa to further his skills and finish his apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker.  After qualifying, Paul travelled the world for two years and once he had filled his curiosity, he came back to South Africa to build a more stable and settled life.

Once back in South Africa, Paul started his own business, manufacturing decorative and original wrought iron work.  His true passion however was creating abstract steel sculptures which he would do in his spare time.  These sculptures quickly gained recognition among buyers, friends, family and strangers. The uniqueness and originality of every piece he creates is what has captured the hearts of the people around him.

Paul’s range spreads through a wide mix of majestic creatures, sea life, bird life, steampunk creations and pretty much anything that’s of interest to him.  These days Paul has started to incorporate small amounts of colour, with enamel and different paint techniques, and a final coat of varnish, making his sculptures more durable and weather resistant.

The passion and love Paul has for his art is portrayed in every one of his welded, steel sculptures.  His work has been purchased by collectors from America, Europe and Australia.  It is Paul’s hope that each piece he sells will create a unique, beautiful and abstract focal point wherever the new owner chooses to display it.

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