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Jacques Müller

Jacques Müller met Werner Bonthuys in 2009 after his brother recommended that he meet his friend who owns a gallery. This was at the beginning of his career as a young upcoming artist and an opportunity not to be missed. At that stage, Jacques was more interested in portrait oil paintings than sculpting. Jacques received his National BTech Diploma in Fine Arts at the Technicon in Pretoria, today known as TUT in 2004. His main subjects were sculpture and painting.

When Werner walked into my studio during our first meeting, he couldn’t keep his eyes from a bronze figure leaning in the air standing on 3 granite blocks I sculpted as a student. His first words were: “Müller!!! Hoekom is dit nie in my winkel nie?” He came to collect the piece and two weeks later I received a call telling me that the work had been sold! I think on that day my destiny chose me. It was clear as daylight I had to sculpt; I am a sculptor.

I never looked back! I have been blessed from that day forward to build my business, grow stronger and better every year. Today I have paintings, bronze, and stone sculptures in private art collections across the globe. I was fortunate to collaborate with the FAK, an Afrikaans cultural heritage organisation, designing and building heritage monuments across South Africa to preserve our rich cultural history for future generations, to both educate and appreciate.

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