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“The role of art is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”

– Cesar A. Cruz

The 10% commission revolution:

  • Henceforth, all art will be artists’ cost + 10% commission only.
  • Auction platform: 10% only on buyer’s and seller’s price.

Na 19-jaar is ek terug in Pretoria, waar ek destyds in 2005 begin het.

Die Ateljee is ‘n samevoeging van als wat kunslekker is.  Dit is handevol kunstenaars se stories wat bymekaarkom.  Dit is waar boetiekveilings gebeur. Dit is waar ons slegs 10% kommissie hef.  Dit is sodat ons kunstenaars kan aanhou kuns, en ek kan aanhou om dit te wys.

Omwenteling?  Tien teen een.

I have found what I hope to be the balance between unprecedented low art prices and keeping our artists alive.

From now and henceforth:

  • I will only charge a 10% commission on all 850 current and future artworks and décor pieces.
  •  Thus the artists’ cost + 10% commission + VAT on the 10% only, is what you will be paying.
  • I also collect 10% from the artist. I can assure you that this isn’t merely added to their cost price, but the increase in volume is the qualifying factor.  Be assured of our integrity in this regard.
  • Our auction platform is now live and as with the art, I shall only be charging a 10% commission. Please refer to our auctions section for more info.

Together with an extensive art and sculpture display, I also stock the most incredible mantelpieces, some handpicked decor, and choice objet.  My other services include decorating, bespoke framing and indigenous garden makeovers. 

 Die Ateljee is an avid supporter of Skuilkrans Kopje and all that is nature conservation as well as being a friend of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (WAT) and The Risima Foundation.  We have partnered with Louise Boshoff (art lover extraordinaire) of Future Art Era to bring you the best of the South African old masters.

Hier is altyd koffie of ‘n glasie bruiswyn, so loer gerus in.

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Die Ateljee

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